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Grading Repair

Sometimes the grading around a property is done poorly, or just settles over time creating the need for the grading to be fixed. Let Serene Scapes Landscaping fix it right the first time so you don't risk the work being done incorrectly, wasting your time and money.

Lawn Repair / Leveling

Have a bumpy or uneven lawn? Shed or pool that was removed leaving a bare spot in the lawn? We have the experience to bring in the right amount of topsoil, level the area and put down a quality grass seed that will make you forget those areas every existed.

New Construction Grading

When new homes are built the builder typically does a final rough grade. This can sometimes be the whole lot if in a subdivision, or just a few meters around the homes perimeter for those not in a subdivision. Grass seed is thrown down or sod and they leave. Often times you end up with a bumpy lawn, grass that doesn't grow well or negative grading toward the foundation due to poor grading or not enough soil being present. Let Serene Scapes come in and fix or prevent these issues by doing a quality final grade that will allow your grass to grow, water to drain and not worry about it in the future.

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Grading: Pro Gallery
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