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Water Features

Water Features: Services

Why Build a Pond?

Water features add sound, texture and movement to a landscape. There is nothing more effective in a landscape design than the natural sound and visual of water. We at Serene Scapes believe to truly have a serene landscape, it has to have water. There are functional reasons to have a water feature though. First, even if you're in a city or densely populated area, water features are a great way to bring nature to your doorstep and create an oasis that is just steps away. They can also reduce noise pollution by replacing it with the soothing sound of flowing water. If wildlife in important to you, a pond is a great way to attract them. Furthermore, they're eco friendly and add value to your home. To find out the many more benefits these offer for yourself, contact us to start the design process for your very own custom water feature today.


Pond Construction & Repair

Serene Scapes specializes in water features and is the personal passion of owner Cameron Peugh. We build new ponds from scratch as well as rebuild, repair and maintain existing ponds and water features.

Bubbling Rock.jpg

Bubbling Boulders

Bubbling Boulders from Serene Scapes Landscaping are self contained water features that include a plastic basin, filter, pump and specially drilled rocks and boulders that create a soothing water feature without the expense of a large pond or waterfall. Bubbling boulders can be placed just about anywhere in a landscape and will tie in nicely with any existing landscape.


Fishy Vacation

Serene Scapes has clients who migrate down south for the winter and others whose ponds require draining to overwinter. Thats why Serene Scapes Landscaping houses a 700 gallon indoor pond to allow their fish a safe place to stay for the winter. If interested in gold fish or koi for your pond but don't think your pond is suited for them for the winter, contact us today for an estimate and to learn more about the process.

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