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Retaining Walls

We Offer...

A wide variety of retaining walls and retaining wall systems. We specialize in building small and large retaining walls that border landscape beds as seen in the gallery below. We also specialize in raised retaining walls as seen to the right. 

We construct decorative, structural and functional retaining walls that serve a variety of purposes. Decorative walls can hold back soil and prevent erosion, but their main purpose is to add color, texture and can accent other features of a landscape or the house they're built around. Structural walls can be used to hold back a hillside, gain useable space in a yard, hold back a patio and many more. Functional walls can be used as privacy along a road, or a seat wall around a fire pit or seating area. 

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Stone Walls

Natural Stone Walls...

are a work of art. Each piece of stone has to be placed together like a puzzle to create a beautiful wall of art in the end. Natural stone walls can be stacked dry, meaning there is nothing bonding them, or they can be mortared together. Each has a unique look and a function. If interested in a stone wall contact us today to learn more and start the design process.

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Among others we use Unilock retaining wall blocks and retaining wall systems built to their specifications or greater. Unilock is one of the best brands for patio and wall projects because of their professional training, product quality, warranties and endless customization options.

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