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Lawn Mowing

Residential & Commercial

Enjoy the consistency of a nice, freshly cut lawn by Serene Scapes Landscaping. We offer weekly and biweekly mowing plans based on the growth rate of your lawn. Our pricing is based on a price per acre rate so everyone receives a fair, consistent price regardless of lot size. This allows us to mow residential and commercial customers ranging in lot size from just a few thousand square feet to larger lots of 6+ acres.

Let Serene Scapes Landscaping handle the hard work of mowing, equipment maintenance and purchasing fuel so you can spend your free time doing the things you truly want to do. Contact us today!

Lawn Maintenance: Services

Leaf Removal

Residential & Commercial

While fall can be beautiful in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas, once those leaves start to fall they can wreak havoc on your lawn. Although raking leaves seems like a tedious chore, it is a necessary one. Neglecting to remove dead leaves from your lawn suffocates your grass and kills it, inhibits water evaporation, and can cause lasting damage. Below are just a few reasons why removing leaves as soon as possible after they fall is a must.

Why do leaf removal?

  1. Allowing a thick layer of leaves to accumulate across your lawn suffocates your grass by blocking its access to sunlight and air. When your grass is unable to receive proper sunlight and air needed for photosynthesis, it can’t grow. Lack of nutrients also contributes to weaker, less resilient grass that is unable to fight off diseases and pests.

  2. Your lawn needs to breathe and having access to air is essential for effective water evaporation. When leaves amass on your lawn, they prevent water evaporation and trap moisture underneath their layer. This moisture creates the perfect environment for fungi, diseases, and mold. These things are harmful to your lawn and mold can be especially harmful to your own health.

  3. Leaves can get in the way of other highly recommended services that should be performed in the fall to achieve the healthiest lawn. These services include aerating, fertilizing, over-seeding and de-thatching. ​

Lawn Maintenance: Services
Lawn Aerating.jpg

Lawn Aeration / Lawn Dethatching

Lawn Aeration

Grass roots need air, water and nutrients to grow thick, deep and strong. When soil becomes compacted, even slightly, it inhibits the flow of the essentials that support thicker, healthier turf growth. A layer of compacted soil just 1/4 to 1/2 inches thick can make a significant difference in the health and beauty of your lawn. Aeration creates holes down into the soil to alleviate compaction so air, water and nutrients can reach grass roots.
Deprived of their basic needs by compacted soil, lawn grasses struggle in stressful situations, such as heat and low rainfall, and lose their healthy, rich color. Grasses gradually thin and eventually die out completely, for lack of the oxygen, water and nutrients available just inches away. Even a single aeration session can open the avenue for these essentials to reach their mark and put your lawn back on an upward trend.

Lawn Maintenance: Services
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