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Snow Removal

Snow Removal: Services

Our Equipment

We use a sub compact Kubota tractor for larger driveways and small businesses, as well as a commercial grade snow blower for smaller residential properties.


Ice? No Problem

As we experienced early in 2022, a layer of ice can be dangerous and difficult to remove. Serene Scapes Landscaping was one of the only companies in the Pataskala and surrounding areas able to effectively remove the bottom layer of ice from driveways without using any salt or having to sit and wait for the salt to work. We were able to get in, remove the snow and ice and head on to the next job in a timely manner compared to our competition. This got your property safer quicker and more affordably.


Long Driveways

Long driveways are our specialty. Larger companies will charge an arm and a leg to use their trucks to clear your driveway. Thats why we decided to use our compact tractor to quickly and effectively clear your driveway to keep our costs low enough to offer a more affordable service compared to larger companies.

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